Make Sense of 3D

Transform the way you work with the best-in-class Sense 2 3D Scanner. Fast, easy, portable and practical, the Sense offers full-color 3D scanning for use in your business or academic institution.. The Sense 2 is a handheld, short range 3D Scanner with full HD color that captures and processes data in real time, generating a complete polygon mesh. speeding up the data acquisition process by over 60%. Using HD color cameras and a highly-sensitive infrared projector, the Sense 2’s 3D scanning technology allows a closer scan range and higher resolution than previous devices.

採用 3D 掃描資料簡化設計流程

在設計和 CAD 軟體中融入實體產品的 Sense 快速掃描,使啟動更快,優化概念設計。選擇 4 種主要 3D 檔案格式之一,可在下游環節保存、傳輸和使用掃描資料。

Build 3D archives, product visualizations and communicate your products with Sense

Rapidly archive and preserve artifacts, products and items as color 3D data and scan objects to begin design for 3D gaming applications. Market your products by using 3D scan data in online catalogs and visualizations for marketing. Post 3D scans to share with your peers or customers directly from the Sense software at SketchFab and Facebook.

Streamline production processes

Easily create, design and 3D print jigs and fixtures using scan data to assist with production and machining processes. Enhance the value of 3D assembly manuals by including rapid and accurate 3D scan data from the shop floor.

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Create your custom product lines with 3D scans

Incorporate Sense scans to enable rapid product designs for custom-fit sporting goods, packaging and more by using customers’ unique scan data in your design software

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Scan on the Go

The Sense 3D scanner is light, highly portable and small enough to fit in your laptop bag so you can scan data wherever you are and bring it back to the office to complete and enhance your designs. Bring it home and make your hobbies more satisfying by including 3D scanning for your woodwork projects, jewelry and more. Miniaturize objects that you scan at full size for your custom RC cars and planes ready for 3D printing. Scan your family at memorable moments to be 3D printed in color.



進入 3D 數位工作空間

  • Sense 將數位世界與物理世界聯繫起來,這是前所未有的一項突破,您能夠立即獲得網際空間中物理物件的掃描,附帶的軟體用於創建“水密”3D 模型。3D Systems Geomagic 還提供其他更高級的掃描處理和設計類軟體,歡迎瞭解 Geomagic Sculpt、Geomagic Wrap 和 Geomagic Design 以滿足您的 3D 工程需求。

Intel RealSense 技術支援

  • Sense 2 是首款使用最新的近距離掃描技術的 USB 驅動掌上型掃描器,技術支援來自 Intel RealSense SR300 3D 攝像頭。配備高清彩色攝像頭和高敏感度紅外線投射器,RealSense 技術能夠更近距離地掃描,解析度相比上一代設備更高。

在 Windows 8 和 10 上運行

  • Sense 掃描器支援 Windows 8 和 10,其直觀、易用,並與其他 Geomagic 產品無縫集成。


  • Sense 掃描器重量輕、易於操作,使您的掃描過程簡單、流暢。


  • 憑藉大規模的掃描體積,無論物體大小如何,Sense 均可輕鬆高效掃描。


  • Sense 集成了行業領先的掃描到 3D Geomagic軟體工具